• Offroad Hummer and Jeep Rides
  • Knife, Tomahawk, Battle Axe, and Spear Throwing
  • Archery Range
  • Rifle, Pistol, Cannon, Machine Gun, and Skeet Shooting
  • Fishing Competition
  • Ma Deuce Range
  • Children's Bounce Houses, Games, Rides and Competitions
  • Go Karts
  • Drive By Shooting Competition (airsoft)
  • Helicopter Rides
  • Team & Individual Shoot Competitions w/ CASH and Trophies
  • All the Food You Can Eat
  • Gourmet Chef Prepared Treats
  • Canoeing and more

There will be a drawing for door prizes supplied by area businesses. We'll even send you home with a gift basket.

As a cop, you deal with death and human suffering on a regular basis, whether through working fatal traffic accidents, homicides, abuse cases, or otherwise. This, coupled with the pressure of making the right judgment call in every potentially dangerous situation, makes it easy to understand the stress in your life... especially with armchair quarterbacks second guessing your every move. It's easy for this stress to carry over into your marriage and family life. We'd like to invite you to an event designed to help offset this negativity!

The 27th Annual Officer Appreciation Day is a celebration of law enforcement and the invaluable role officers play in our communities. A National Peace Officer's Appreciation Week activity, it's open to all active duty officers and their families. Come and experience a grateful public that is not mad, bad, or sad ... Be encouraged with a fresh reminder that you are appreciated! 

2021 Breaching the Barricade Conference


Welcome to the Home of Officer Appreciation Day!

CLICK HERE to hear an Interview with Chaplain Jim Bontrager regarding the  Governor's Proclamation and 23rd Annual Officer Appreciation Day.

Consider also joining us the day before, 10/08/2021, for the 2021 Breaching the Barricade Conference featuring a number of excellent speakers that will encourage and strengthen you.  We'll also have  breakout sessions for law enforcement spouses.

For more information and /or to register visit:


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